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what is an #AdaptiveOrg?

The #AdaptiveOrg is an organizational model, however at the same time it is more than that. While it helps small and medium sized enterprises to thrive in a complex world with the power of human-beings and re-defining bureaucracy. There are no roles, no accountabilities and no organizational charts. All it provides is a dynamic operating system that supports humans in creating pure value among the people, the organization and the planet. 

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being a successful organization in the 21st century means a lot more than just making profits 

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what an #AdaptiveOrg can do for you

The #AdaptiveOrg brings out the best in people, their unique talent to collaborate. Today, most organizations are run on the belief, that our species is driven by selfishness, rationality and extrinsic motivation.

However, today we know that this is an assumption and roughly only applies to just 5 to 10 percent of the people when we look at Rutger Bregman's piece "Humankind: A Hopeful History" that reveals diverse research on this topic. This would mean that 90 to 95 percent of the human-beings behave very differently to what we assume. This majority is massive. These people find meaning in collaboration and equal relationships. And here we are. The #AdaptiveOrg is a kind of operating system for small and medium sized organizations that want to operate on collaboration to thrive in an increasingly complex economy that requests the connection of people, profit and planet in one ecosystem. 

This needs a change in organizational work culture, which becomes an important organization's asset. #AdaptiveOrgs attract talent who look for work environments where they can put their full potential at play to make a difference. These people stay, not just because they are a valued and a real asset to the organization but also experience lower stress levels and the possibility to truly engage. For the organization this means long-lasting, sustainable economical success and above all an increasingly positive impact on peoples' lives, the society and finally the planet.

If you are interested in modern organizational models, that meet current and future needs, jump to our experts' perspectives on the #AdaptiveOrg (work in progress).

Find out more by reading through the #AdaptiveOrg real-life cases.

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Small businesses tend to be adaptive by nature. People know each other and positions, status or even politics play a rather small role. We believe it is smart, to cultivate and maintain this culture by introducing some core elements of the #AdaptiveOrg. Be prepared for the next challenge that is coming your way! 

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Medium-sized enterprises are the embodiment of a successful balancing act. They need structures and management, but they are not supposed to get into the way of adapting to new market situations. The #AdaptiveOrg provides a customizable approach to overcome this challenge once and for all.

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Large corporations suffer from bureaucracy. A lot of them went on an agile journey today. However, agile only solves one part of the problem by helping them to create better products. This does not prevent them from a Kodak or Nokia destiny. The #AdaptiveOrg helps them to leverage their adaptability from the product to the business-model-level.