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Ninja Borchert,Tine Bieber & Joan Hinterauer

Corporate Activists - Here to make your organization more impactfulpurpose-driven, collaborative and effective

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story time.

Joan and Tine have the same story, just different. Two heart-driven entrepreneurs with a big vision, strong values who feel alive when making impact met during Covid-19 on the topic of impact trumps purpose. Both have had very pro-active roles in the context of "New Work", transformation, change, self-management, collaboration and how to build impact-driven organizations for the past six years. The difference is that Joan has been transforming organizations as a consultant, mentor and catalysator and Tine had an internal role in one organization that evolved to an organization where purpose became the only boss. Both are experts in self-management and have been experimenting with this framework the past six years and more as well as the topic of how to structurally implement an impact-driven approach in an organization that naturally sparks individual and organizational purpose.  

Joan, who's resume shows an impressive corporate career as a mechanical engineer as well later a sales executive, making it in the c-suite, which gave him another punch of reality. This position in the c-level radically changed the relationships between him and his colleagues to him and his employees; the trust was gone and the infamous isolation of information started and the human element was trumped by business procedures. One day, Joan found a book in his mailbox called "Reinventing Organizations" by Frederic Laloux. His world was put upside-down and he decided to leave the organization and to start his own venture of helping organizations to organize differently. On this path, he met Gebhard Borck who has been researching and applying self-management as an early adopter. Gebhard and Joan co-created an maximum agile organizational structure that starts with tackling an existing challenge with full stakeholder engagement and ownership that brings all relevant parties to the table and eliminates a limited and hierarchical vision in the mind. The #AdaptiveOrg was born and started spreading on the German-speaking market. 

Tine, on the other hand, also decided one day during a work day at a German-based organization, reporting to the CEO, it was time for change to unleash the potential of all employees in eliminating the mind-set of limitations, silos and borders. She joined an organization in the South of The Netherlands that started the implementation of Holacracy in 2016, which put the organization on a wild ride of an individual and organizational purpose discovery and organising solely around purpose up to the legal structure of the organization, which was co-ownership, making employees partners of the organization. Purpose became the leading theme in Tine's life and was her decision tool on business decisions, projects she got involved and how she lived her life to the point that she burned-out and started rethinking the framework of purpose, which was the time Joan and Tine's paths crossed and the partnership of the #AdaptiveOrg was born. Tine got so attracted to the #AdaptiveOrg due to its simplicity, very low resistance of entry and the refutation that people need to "be at a certain level of consciousness" to be able to collaborate in an impactful way. Having worked in different contexts such as textile, technology and consulting, in different cultures sparked that hypothesis for Tine and is proven by the numerous existing cases of the #AdaptiveOrg in action. 

Our latest addition is Ninja Borchert. Ninja crossed paths with Joan at the beginning of this year (2023) through the Impact-Social-Network Reflecta. They instantly got along well. The same goes for Tine and Ninja. For Ninja, this also marks the beginning of her journey into self-employment. Ninja has applied her business expertise in logistics and software development, successfully leading international projects and teams in those areas. Serving as the interface between C-level management and operational hierarchies, she has taken on the challenges of employees since the beginning of her professional career. On a technical level, she has ensured process improvements and fostered innovative and self-responsible work environments. Her top priority is building trust through commitment, emotional intelligence, and humane leadership qualities. Her insight from professional practice: Human beings should be at the forefront of every company's priorities, as only satisfied employees deliver peak performance and mutually motivate each other. Having repeatedly observed in her professional roles that upper management often does not share this understanding, Ninja decided to embark on a professional realignment this year. With certification as a New Work Facilitator, reading books like "Reinventing Organizations" by Frederic Laloux, and fortuitously encountering Tine and Joan, she has set her sights on the goal of supporting and guiding those companies in their transformation through #AdaptiveOrg, which have recognized appreciation, unleashing potential, and employee satisfaction as their primary objectives and aspire to live and work accordingly.



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Impact trumps Purpose.


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