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#AdaptiveOrg Date

one on one with one of our partners - we love good conversations and we love them even more, when we can help you by providing more information about the #AdaptiveOrg. We look forward to a free of charge half an hour Zoom-Conversation with you :)


#AdaptiveOrg Discovery Session Public

we regularly offer public free of charge discovery sessions. Feel free to recommend us to your network (e.g. Meetup, Conferences, etc.). We are happy to have a chat with the host. One session takes 1 - 2 hours.


#AdaptiveOrg Discovery Private

you are interested in what you have discovered so far about the #AdaptiveOrg and want your colleagues to  join your learning journey. Drop us a message, we are happy to host an inhouse session (online) for you at our cost price. Plan 1,5h to 2,5h.


#AdaptiveOrg Experience Day

you consider the #AdaptiveOrg as an approach that helps your organization to become a better one. Invite your leadership team for an experience day! We bring people from existing #AdaptiveOrgs and let them share their experiences themselves. Based on our experience, you will get a deep dive into a cutting edge social organizational system. The price is based on the number of employees and varies from 1.800 to 2.800 EUR. Drop us a message and we will arrange a Zoom-Call in order to discuss the details!

Products & Services

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#AdaptiveOrg Leadership-Journey 

you consider to go all in with the #AdaptiveOrg or with any other approach to become a self-managed organization. The journey is an intensive 5-days-program in which your leadership team will be facing the challenges that are ahead of you. You will have the chance to talk to self-organization pioneers and ask them most private questions. We provide you with some insights on different transformational journeys. After 5 days you will be well prepared and feel comfortable to take a decision. Drop us a message and we will arrange a Zoom-Call in order to walk you through the program.


#AdaptiveOrg Consulting

you are more the learning by doing personality or you want to make the next step after you have been to one of the aforementioned formats. That's great! Every successful #AdaptiveOrg journey starts by solving a concrete problem of an organization. We are happy to help you making the first steps and have the chance to showcase you the power of the #AdaptiveOrg. Drop us a message and we will arrange a Zoom-Call to discuss our opportunities.


#AdaptiveOrg Public Training 

the #AdaptiveOrg, as many other approaches, has its core role: the #AdaptiveOrg-Catalyst. The training program consists of two levels, the practitioner and the coach program. While most small businesses come far with the practitioner program, medium and large organizations benefit from having at least parts of their catalysts qualified at the coach level to support the organizational transformation in a sustainable way.


#AdaptiveOrg Inhouse Training 

existing #AdaptiveOrgs have trained between 10-20% of their employees on the approach. This allows them to work with minimal external support and thereby saves a lot of money on the short- and long-run. On request we adapt the training program to your needs to support any other approach. The training is very broad from its nature and can support transformation and/or self-management initiatives on a fundamental level. Drop us a message and we will arrange a Zoom-Call to discuss further details.


#AdaptiveOrg Inhouse- or Public Speaking

if you are looking for an inspirational speaker for your event on topics such as purpose, impact, self-management, beyond agile or transformation, we are happy to help. Drop us a message with your topic and a possible date. We will arrange a Zoom-call and discuss further details with you.

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Let's Work Together

For the ones that dare to be human, that dare to change, transform, innovate and want to spark purpose in making impact

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